AJ Tailoring shop in Swansea now selling designer Jovani dresses


SWANSEA – Prom season is fast approaching.

And while most are heading to the usual Fall River-area destinations to say yes to the dress, shoppers might want to change their plans. AJ Tailoring is branching out and wants its Swansea store to fit perfectly.

Over the past 18 years, AJ Tailoring has made its way into the community, becoming a go-to place for locals looking for a trusted hand to put the finishing touches on their favorite garments.

They have played a pivotal role in enabling many people to dress to impress on formal occasions and momentous occasions.

Now, with the recent launch of Designers Corner, owners Paul and Kozeta Sylaj hope to make AJ Tailoring a one-stop-shop for this special day.

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AJ Tailoring, which called Lapointe Plaza home at 1211 GAR Highway in 2004, has teamed up with Jovani to bring a selection of high-end dresses from the famous designer brand to their small in-store boutique.

Already a longtime popular couture spot for prom-goers from Dighton-Rehoboth, Case High School in Swansea, Somerset Berkley and beyond, the Sylajs’ goal with Designers Corner is to better serve their customers, while at the same time welcoming new ones hopefully.

“We have our own customers that we value, that’s why we’ve brought the dresses to them now,” Paul said. “So they can come here, buy their dress, fix it much cheaper than going anywhere else, and they can do it all in one place.”

Currently, their selection includes only Jovani, but Kozeta said she is working to bring other brands to the store, while keeping the selection small and curated for the most stylish and popular pieces.

All the dresses they have in stock are handpicked by Kozeta, with an eye on the latest fashion trends. She said they don’t keep a large inventory so they can stay on top of styles that change from season to season.

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“He stands out,” Kozeta said of the Jovani brand. “I notice the difference, from the style to the color. It’s very well made and of good quality…and you can wear it for any occasion.”

Prices for Jovani dresses currently in stock at AJ Tailoring range from $350 to $600. They can also order any dress a customer is interested in from the Jovani website and have it delivered to the customer or to the Swansea boutique, where it can be tailored.

For Kozeta, AJ Tailoring’s business selling dresses is a dream in the making.

Kozeta, who comes from a long line of seamstresses in her family, said she originally planned to sell her own sewn-from-scratch designs. However, this proved too laborious, time-consuming and expensive, so she contacted Jovani instead and Designers Corner was born.

Eventually, she said she would like to use her talents to create her own collection for Designers Corner. “I know it will take time, but I really want to pursue this dream,” she said. “When I have time, I like to create.”

Meanwhile, Kozeta showcases its craftsmanship and design sense in various ways, such as the personalized services offered at AJ Tailoring.

In addition to alterations to any garment – from formal dresses to coats and suit jackets to trousers to homewares such as curtains and pillows – Kozeta will create dresses, trousers and even furniture coverings for every garment. exterior from scratch.

She said customers who struggle to find clothes with the right fit or are looking for their own unique piece can take advantage of this option.

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Kozeta also plans to feature two or three of her own dresses in their current Designers Corner selection.

From Albania to Dighton and Swansea

For the Sylajs, who emigrated from Albania in the 90s and now live in Dighton, their loyal customers are testament to their success.

They say people come to their little shop in Swansea from as far away as New York or Boston because they have been recommended by a family member or friend. And now they welcome a new generation of customers.

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“It’s amazing how you grow with your clients and you see them grow with their kids and come back and say, ‘I’m getting married and you made my prom dress,'” Kozeta said.

Once just a place to do alterations, the Sylajs now hope to see their small business slowly flourish with the evolution of Designers Corner.

AJ Tailoring's bespoke label on Jovani dresses is now featured in the new Designers Corner at the Swansea store.

“I love having it here because Swansea made me who I am today,” she said. “I enjoy every day I’m in this store.”

AJ Tailoring is open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon. You can also browse Designers Corner on their website at https://ajtailors.square.site, as well as on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ajtailoring.tailor.9) or Instagram (https: //www.instagram.com/aj.tailoring).


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