Affinity Publisher, Designer and Photo replaced by new version 2 software


Serif launched brand new versions of its popular Publisher, Photo and Designer programs on Windows this week. These new versions are designated with a Version 2, V2 or 2 tag and have now completely replaced the original apps in the Microsoft Store app store and other online digital storefronts.

This means that the original versions of Affinity Publisher, Affinity Photo, and Affinity Designer no longer appear in Microsoft Store search results. Affinity Publisher 2, Affinity Photo 2 and Affinity Designer 2 appear instead.

It should be noted that while the original apps can be downloaded and managed through the Microsoft Store app on Windows devices, the Affinity Version 2 new app listings simply provide a link to the Affinity website. ‘Affinity for purchase and download.

Affinity’s family of apps is considered by many to be one of the best rivals to Adobe’s suite of design apps due to their feature parity and the benefit of requiring a one-time purchase at the instead of Adobe’s expensive recurring subscription model.

The original versions of Affinity Publisher, Photo, and Designer will continue to function as normal for all current owners, but any future updates will be added to their version 2 counterparts only.

Current owners should be able to re-download their purchased original builds on new or reset Windows devices through the Library screen in the Microsoft Store app.

In addition to any future free updates, or at least until version 3 apps may launch in several years, Affinity’s version 2 apps also feature minor UI changes, speed improvements, new tools for creating shapes and vector wrapping in Designer, new tints and brightness. tools in Photo and new file merging and automatic flow features in Publisher. Here you can find details about all the new tools and changes.

To encourage existing users to upgrade and newcomers to jump on the Affinity bandwagon, all three apps are currently being sold at a 40% discount. A bundle for all three, the Affinity V2 Universal License, which unlocks each program on Windows, Mac, and iPad, is also available at a 40% discount.

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