Acura debuts Precision Concept EV entirely in Monterey after intriguing teaser


After a particularly intriguing, albeit incredibly short, teaser video, Acura finally debuted the Precision Concept EV at Monterey Car Week. Skipping hybrid models altogether in favor of an all-electric shift, Acura is working hard to help its parent company Honda Motors Co join the EV market, and they’re building huge amounts of anticipation for their upcoming models in the process.

The all-new Precision Concept is, according to Acura, intended to embody the company’s new direction with electric vehicles as the “future of Acura design, electrified,” making the concept even more important for the future of the company as a styling cue not just for the next 2024 SUV model, but all of the company’s other upcoming EVs.

The concept has a ton of Acura “flavor” that makes it instantly recognizable as the brand’s model, tons of LEDs and tech upgrades, and a bold exterior shape. Acura has also released mock images for the SUV’s interior which includes a ton of futuristic elements.

Let’s take a closer look at the beautiful fully unveiled Acura Precision Concept EV!


Design elements of the Acura Precision Concept EV

The design elements incorporated into the Acura Precision Concept EV are likely a preview of what to expect from the company in future EV designs. As Acura puts it, the car “plans the future design language for [an] electrified era. The initial teaser was incredibly brief, just under fifteen seconds, and only showed the front fascia of the car as well as some LED design elements up front.

Once fully revealed, however, we could see that the Precision Concept EV is actually an electrified SUV that will eventually become the 2024 Acura ZDX. Created by Acura Design Studio in Los Angeles, the car “will shape the direction of future products Acura in the electrified era, including our first all-electric SUV in 2024,” said Emile Korkor, Acura’s assistant vice president of national sales.

Interestingly, the design was inspired by the form and function of luxury Italian motorboats and the silhouette is meant to evoke these designs. Once you know that, the picture becomes a bit clearer and you can see it in the side view of the SUV, which is longer with a more pointed nose and a sloping windshield. Without the wheels, you could almost imagine the concept at home on the water.

The design is futuristic and incorporates many of Acura’s familiar styling cues, such as the “check mark” headlight design created by a row of bulbs highlighted by a bar-style light. The grille area also lights up in aqua blue with a “diamond pentagon” pattern, centered with the Acura logo. The chrome-surround grille carries the same shape as current Acura models, but is larger and includes a black mesh background.

Air intake vents that follow the contour of the grille create a unique design that is mirrored by the rear contour around the exhaust. The front and rear fascias also include a “particle glitch” design theme that carries over to the spokes of the concept’s 23-inch wheels. Theatrical lighting is an approach Acura has shown interest in with previous models and will continue to incorporate more heavily into future designs, according to the company.


Acura Precision Concept EV features and technology

The cockpit of the Precision EV is equipped with a ton of technology, which is not surprising since it is inspired by the racing cockpit of an F1 car. The driver is positioned lower than traditional cabs and digital instrumentation is delivered via a small transparent screen in front of the driver. Other infotainment systems are available through the transparent curved touchscreen on the dashboard. Although it may not make it to production, the concept features a yoke-style steering wheel with dials located in the hub.

The cockpit can also be customized for different experiences. The driver can choose between two immersive experiences, including the “Instinctive Drive” mode which allows for more capable driving with a more dynamic connection, racing-style digital instrumentation and red ambient lighting. The other option is ‘spiritual lounge mode’, which retracts the steering wheel and transforms the cabin into a more soothing environment with soothing scents and an animated ‘underwater’ projection.

Another great feature of the Precision EV is Acura’s green effort. Interior materials are largely comprised of recycled plastics, responsibly sourced wood, and 100 percent biomass leather. The use of environmentally friendly materials shows Acura’s dedication to the general goals of electrification and forward-looking development.

After an exciting teaser that generated a lot of hype with a very small show (essentially just a flash of blue and some gorgeous lines and lights), Acura’s Precision Concept EV is definitely out of the gates. It’s an engaging and intriguing look at not just a production model coming in 2024, but also the overall vision we can expect to see in future models from Acura.


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