ACNH Player’s Island is a beautiful recreation of Kiki’s delivery service


An Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan recreated scenes from Kiki’s delivery service, including a character costume that’s perfect for the location.

A Animal crossing: new horizons the player has created a stunning island design based on the Studio Ghibli animated film Kiki’s delivery service, complete with a matching outfit. A combination of Gothic outdoor furniture, custom brick designs, and atmospheric views transports players to the 1989 film about a young witch fending for herself, but keeping the adorable cold vibes of New Horizons. The unique island design is another example of how far players can go when customizing islands and setting up specific areas.

Creativity has few limits in Animal crossing: new horizons once a player is established and the city buildings are installed. Through a custom design app, fans can create and share everything from paths to clothing prints, offering a wide variety of decorative options not included in the base gameplay. Most furniture can also be personalized on DIY tables, with different colors and patterns creating multiple looks for the same chair, table, or cabinet. In update 2.0 and Happy home paradise Releasing the DLC in November, these options were further expanded with thousands of new decor items and ways to customize buildings and outdoor spaces.


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A Animal crossing: new horizons the player passing by kayoncr on Reddit shared some awesome screenshots of a quiet cafe inspired by Kiki’s delivery service, with hot air balloons floating in the background and a figure posed in Kiki’s outfit to complete the theme. One of the eye-catching parts of the design are the buildings, which feature delicate brick patterns and a roof that mimics the buildings seen in the Studio Ghibli classic. The only thing that seems to be missing is a broomstick and Gigi the cat.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Kiki Delivery Service Rest Area

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Movies like Kiki’s delivery service and Harry potter are often used as inspiration for intricate island designs. Recently another New Horizons The player shared his take on the Great Hall of Hogwarts Castle, complete with floating candles. Gamers have also reinvented iconic locations from popular video games like Pokemon and THE Legend of Zelda. These projects can take dedicated players hundreds of hours and are often constantly being improved and updated as new content for New Horizons becomes available through updates.

Unfortunately, the creation of themed islands may run out of new content in the future, as was recently announced. New Horizons will not receive other significant free updates or paid DLC expansions. This can be difficult and frustrating news for enthusiasts. Animal crossing: new horizons island designers, who may still be working on perfecting some elements of their islands. Despite this, the news could also indicate that a new title for the series could be in the works, although nothing has been officially confirmed yet. Hopefully, in the meantime, fans will continue to create and share beautiful Animal crossing: new horizons designs with other players online.

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