90% plastic and 10% textile waste: Nigerian designer’s sustainable fashion impresses internet users


In a world where fast fashion is considered one of the biggest contributors to pollution, some designers are offering innovative solutions while mixing sustainability and fashion. Nigerian Adejoke Lasisi is one such designer.

Lasisi, who works for Planet 3R, a company that converts plastic waste into eco-friendly products, uses discarded plastic and textile waste to create a slew of fashionable products.

She collects the polyethylenes, plastic bottles and packaging, then dries them and throws them away. Lasisi masterfully weaves shredded plastic into traditional Yoruba cloth called aso oke as well as some textile waste. She then uses the newly made recycled fabric to make bags, clothes and other fashion accessories.

Speaking to Reuters, Lasisi said: “In the community where I live, I have come to realize that a lot of people are throwing away their trash, you know, to the point of burning it and that has negative impacts on our environment and our health. So I thought how can I take care of this waste with the skills that I had already learned from my mother, namely weaving skills, then I started to use the waste that was problematic in the community and I started creating opportunities from it in such a way that we are now creating products and at the same time creating opportunities for empowerment.

In recent years, Lasisi’s efforts have been recognized around the world and in 2020 she won the Africa Green Grant award. Many people have taken inspiration from his conservation initiatives as his efforts are shared on social media.


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