10 Terrifically Designed Pokémon (Which Are Incredibly Strong)


With just under 900 Pokemon officially created for the franchise, there are bound to be a handful that are not up to par. For one reason or another, there are Pokémon whose designs haven’t clicked with the majority of players and are considered poorly designed Pokémon.

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However, appearances can be deceptive. Many of these Pokémon have incredible strength hidden behind their lackluster appearance. As the theme song says, a Pokémon’s strength lies in “the power that is within.” The ugly exterior has nothing to do with it. If players can look past the faulty exterior of these Pokémon, they could be spoiled in the form of a powerful team member.

ten Garbodor – Trash Out for Revenge

Pokemon Garbodor

In Unova, the region where Garbodor was introduced, dense urban environments cause a lot of waste to accumulate. In a world where toys thrown away from children become sentient beings, it’s no surprise that sooner or later all that garbage turns into Pokémon.

While it might make sense from a lore standpoint, a large garbage ball isn’t an attractive Pokemon design. He has a off-putting color scheme, and the gormless look on his face belies any cute qualities he might have had. That said, with Gigantamax form and an above average base stats total of 474, he has the potential for powerful Poison-type attacks.

9 Beartic – Ice Beard

Pokemon Beartic

Ice-Types have the greatest variety in their design. While there are many Ice Pokémon that look vaguely icy, others like Weavile or Mamoswine have more layers to their look. Not Beartic, however.

Beartic is a polar bear that stands on its hind legs. Other than that, he has ice cubes on his chin that are supposed to look like a beard, but really look like frozen slime. However, with a base stats total of 505, Beartic has impressive strength behind him, including a powerful attack stat of 130.

8 Electrode – Ball Go Boom

Pokémon Electrode

The electrode is largely overlooked when people talk about bad Pokemon designs, as Gen I nostalgia protects it. However, it must be said how boring and simplistic this sphere is. Not only that, but it’s not a good progression from Voltorb. It just gets a little bigger and changes colors.

Despite its underwhelming appearance, it’s a memorable Electric-type Pokémon that has stood the test of time in the franchise. He has a base stats total of 490, which is spread pretty evenly across his stats. Its greatest strength is its enormous 150 Speed. Combined with extraordinarily powerful moves like Explosion, Electrode can be a devastating (albeit fragile) force.

7 Sawk – He’s just a person

Pokémon Sawk

There are plenty of humanoid Pokémon in the franchise, many of which are fan favorites. Sawk, however, crosses a line and his design feels too human. He has a lot of unnatural characteristics, but his basic size and shape is that of an ordinary person.

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On top of that, he wears clothing as standard. If we believe the logic of the games, she is born wearing these clothes. Are they part of his body? What if someone tried to remove them? These questions, and many more, should never be answered. However, Sawk’s 125 attack partially compensates. It will suit any team needing a hard-hitting type of combat.

6 Klinklang – Battle gears

Pokemon Klinklang

When Pokémon evolve, their evolved form is said to resemble a logical progression of that Pokémon’s anatomy. The best examples are the three-stage evolutionary Pokémon, which have two opportunities to change shape and grow. Klinklang, however, distills that essence into its most basic elements and proves that just adding more gears to a Pokemon gear isn’t interesting.

Klinklang has a lot to offer, however. Electric / Steel is a shiny type combination which gives it a massive amount of resistances. Paired with 100 on offense and 115 on defense, players have a Pokémon that can hit hard and stay in battles.

5 M. Mime РThe Pok̩mon OG Nightmare-Fuel

Pokemon Mr Mime

It’s hard to say exactly what makes Mr. Mime such a spooky Pokemon. Mimes in real life are somewhat unsettling in their silent act, and Mr. Mime seems to accentuate all of their worst traits. Its design strikes the strange valley of quite human appearance, but also very false appearance. The huge head and the unbroken smile are horrible to watch.

However, it has great use on the battlefield. He has an incredibly wide movepool which makes him ideal in a supporting role. Additionally, this Psychic type can cause pain with 100 Special Attack and 125 Special Defense.

4 Vanilluxe – Ice cream that packs a punch

Pokemon Vanilluxe

The Pokemon design school poster child “everyday item with a face”, most fans don’t rate Vanilluxe favorably by Pokemon fans. Gen V is often maligned for Pokémon designs like Vanilluxe, where the desire to add over 150 new Pokémon has led to it scraping the bottom of the barrel in some places.

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The whole line of evolution does not seem inspired. A small ice cream turns into a bigger ice cream, which turns into two ice creams, all of which have somewhat bewildering smiles. However, he carries an impressive base stats total of 535, with the highest point being a 110 on special offense.

3 Probopass – Why does he have nose hairs?

Pokémon Probopas

One of the first examples when fans talk about poor-looking Pokémon, Probopass is full of weird design choices. Nosepass is a strange but decent-looking Pokémon, and an evolved form emphasizing its best features would have been welcome.

Unfortunately, Probopass has highlighted the worst features of Nosepass. He lost his legs, gained a strange-looking hat, his nose grew to a huge size, and … grew nose hairs. These confusing choices can be overlooked, however, if players focus on his stats. A base stats total of 525 is impressive. Additionally, with 145 on defense and 150 on special defense, this Rock-type can stay on the battlefield for as long as they want.

2 Stakataka – A wall, in every sense of the word

Pokémon Stakataka

One way or another, Ultra Beast Pokemon is designed to feel different from others; they are strange and foreign to the world coaches are used to. With that in mind, who thought a brick wall would feel like an alien?

The Pokedex says that this Rock / Steel type is, in fact, many stacked life forms (hence the name). However, that doesn’t change the fact that this is a trivial item in the normal Pokémon world. He has ridiculous strength, however. An attack stat of 131 is pretty good on its own, but pair it with an astronomical 211 on defense, and Stakataka is nearly unstoppable in combat.

1 Tonnerre, Tornado et Landorus – Les Forces de la Nature

Pokémon Forces of Nature

Legendary Pokémon often put a lot more effort into their designs than others, due to the nature of their appearance in games. Gen V had quite a few Legendary Pokémon, which may explain why apparently so little effort went into The Forces of Nature trio. Essentially the same Pokémon with slightly different color palettes, these Pokémon are visually disappointing. Their Therion shapes help somewhat, but even these designs don’t quite match the old-fashioned faces the three have.

That said, they are some of the strongest Pokémon out there. With unique type combinations and base stat totals of 580, these Pokémon have all been used extensively in the competitive arena over the years due to their amazing potency.

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