4 keys to request your mortgage loan from a municipal bank

If you have decided to apply for a loan to acquire a home, it is important to consider that there are different financing options, since many times the image you have is that banks are the only ones that grant this type of credit in the safest way possible.

What you should know is that currently you can also apply for mortgage loans to the municipal savings banks and although so far this option is not offered by all of the savings banks, as of the first quarter of 2017, more institutions will have those that have this product available. If you still wonder why you should consider municipal savings banks as an option, we present 4 advantages:

The savings banks focus on sectors with lower resources

Making it possible for people with lower incomes to access this product. Many of these institutions have their headquarters in different provinces, so much of their customers prefer them for the convenience it represents. If you live inside the country, it is an ideal option for credit.

When we are about to buy a home, any help that can be obtained is welcome, since it is not an ordinary purchase, but it could easily be qualified as the most important of our life.Although the credit is valid for everything related to housing, it has been observed that most of the loans granted by the funds have been used for construction or remodeling (improvement) of the home. 

The savings banks have more experience with clients whose income is informal

home loan with money cash

So that although they might be able to refuse it at a bank, they are more likely to be granted financing by these institutions. Evaluate your financial characteristics to see which option suits you best and which institution is offering you a better deal, whether a box or a bank. To choose, use web comparators such as the Poon Christels mortgage credit comparator.